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Ambiance & Decor Lighting – The DJ Kings Tips

Whether your event is small or big, in a hall, restaurant or party room, one of the biggest and most overlooked aspect of the room is the lighting. I get clients and family friends who ask me all the time, I have a budget I just want some music and that’s it. I always ask the following questions, where is the event? Is the event a evening event or during the day? Have you thought about adding ambiance or decor lighting?

Your wedding day, Bar  or Bat Mitzvah, or other private event  is all about detailed attention that is unique and personal. Why not make sure that your event space includes that same level of attention? The DJ Kings offers many options to personalize your space (that are intended to WOW your guests) as  tip I always offer lighting options.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting creates that “wow” factor. Up Lighting works with the decor, and is used to tie all elements together for a seamless finish that pops. We offer battery operated LED up lights that can be placed anywhere, even without outlets for perfect positioning. These LED up lights have hundreds of colors to choose from and can even fade through the colors if the client wants.

Intelligent Stage Lighting

Larger venues, high ceilings and decorative trimmed walls offer a challenge for decorating evenly with balloons and flowers – which can be very expensive. The DJ Kings offers a unique and very  powerful lighting design…Intelligent wash and gobo lighting technology can evenly distribute the proper colors and intensity across the room. Using wash technology, our light designers create precise color tones, and  custom colors and combinations to match the theme and decor of your look.

We take it one step higher by mounting these lights on free standing towers that are covered in spandex and up lighted to your color theme. They are both visually stunning, hides all the wires and cabling and shines the lighting high above the eye level of the guests.

At The DJ Kings we strive to work with families to create the perfect style and ambiance for an event, and lighting is a big part of that – transforming a space and amplifying the mood from the moment the guests walk into the room.

We can take your specific  color and add it to your reception room in a breathtaking and memorable way. Using low-energy and state-of-the-art LED lights we can add a splash of color and energy to any room. From a simple one-color option to a custom computer-controlled system that changes throughout your event, we can create the look and feel you want.

Want to take your event to the next level – We offer 3D laser light shows with high powered haze machines that will enhance the beams and lighting. You wanted the best The DJ Kings offers the best lighting to fit your budget.